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24-Dec-2017 15:04

Since then it is used by millions of users from around the globe on a daily basis and has been very popular.Following Omegle’s popularity, a number of sites like Omegle have also started off.The days of hiding behind pseudonymous usernames seemednumbered.But a funny thing happened on the way to an authentic internet: Anonymity came back into vogue.You are not anonymous when you are online, even when using privacy tools like Tor, Bitcoin or a VPN.Every service has at least one piece of information that can be used to distinguish different users, whether it’s a set of IP addresses (VPN and Tor) or a wallet (Bitcoin).We hope dispelling some of these common myths will lead to a more transparent and frank discussion about privacy in the VPN industry and on the Internet in general.Anonymity is defined as not being named or identified.

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Several publications have correctly pointed out that neither Tor nor Bitcoin make you anonymous.According to Google’s privacy policy, their systems automatically scan your emails anytime content is sent, received or stored.

The two are cofounders of the revolutionary peer-to-peer file-sharing program Napster, which forever changed the music industry.… continue reading »

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