Java validating a certificate

27-Jul-2017 08:13

The chain is made of a server certificate, an intermediate CA certificate, and a root self-signed certificate.

The validation outcome is ok if the input is: The validation failed, with unhandled extensions key usage and basic constraints, if the input is the whole certificate chain.

For example, a certificate authorized to be used to encrypt secret keys might not be appropriate for validating the signature on a piece of executable code.

Certificate path validation algorithms are provided to make sure the certificate is valid in all these senses.

Hi, last week a customer had the problem that he wants to connect to the administration interface of a Brocade FC Switch but the Java Applet did not start.

This error message was shown: “Failed to validate certificate.

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Tried it from different servers with various java error. As with most interpretation issues related to X.509 certificates, how path validation is done is dependent on what profile you use.

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